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Tel: 01634 844327
Mobile: 07861497099
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Why Choose a Childminder?

As a childminder I offer services
with great flexibility.

The advantage over nurseries is that I look
after a smaller number of children giving them more individual attention and care.

I am not bound to my setting and we enjoy
many activities when out and about, visiting groups, parks and going on trips.

I provide consistent care tailored to the needs
of each child and I treat each little
one as an individual.

I respect and follow parentís wishes
to continue the routines and preferences of
their child to keep the consistency of care,
giving the stability and security needed
for a healthy development.

I can look after children from 2 up to 11 years of age. While in my care they will benefit from my devoted attention and my concern for their welfare and development. We will share a close and trusting relationship.

Children in my setting learn through play and everyday activities, they discover the world around them and take part in the life of the local community.