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“The services provided by Zuzana are in my opinion excellent, she is flexible, her home environment is catered for the
children’s play and development with various toys and activities provided. She also goes to many workshops with the children in school holiday times which they really enjoy as well as the after
school park trips and the bowling days. The children are
always safe and happy at Zuzana’s which is a concern
I don’t need to worry about when I am working. Having asked
my children about Zuzana, they smile and say they love going there because they get to play and learn in a fun way,
they say Zuzana is kind too. All in all Zuzana’s childminding
services I feel is the best I have used since I
started using childminders.” Philip 25/04/16

“I would say that Zuzana is a great childminder and I know Bobby would agree. That is why he never wants to go home when I pick him up!” Sharon 27/04/16

“I am very pleased with the quality of care provided to my child and with the friendly and yet professional approach of Zuzana. She has always been very flexible and due to her friendly and flexible approach I was able to go back to work and I will
always be grateful for that. Her services have always been outstanding and I have felt that my child is safe and happy
in her place. She provides fun and educational activities every day that support my child’s learning and development. The
impact of this rich learning environment has been significant
and evident on Jane’s language, social and cognitive development.
I feel lucky that my child has had the opportunity to be taken
care of by such a caring, knowledgeable and fun person as Zuzana! Thank you for taking care of Jane so amazingly,
keep up the good work!” Eleni 25/04/16

“I have no hesitation in recommending Zuzana as an excellent
childminder.” Catia 26/04/16